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What To Wear & What NOT To Wear For Your Session

Obviously the most important thing is to stay within your families own style so we can truly show off just what makes you, YOU! But, if you're like me, and also want to make sure the pictures that you are investing both time, and money into turn out PERFECTLY, then here are some tips for you

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Do's & Don'ts!

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As a family you're going to want to look alike in some way for your pictures. But, you DON'T want to completely match! You DO want to coordinate colors. Pick out a color palette, and buy all of the members in your family items of clothing that fall into that color palette. Coordination photographs so much more nicely than completely matching.

When choosing a color palette it's important to keep in mind the theme and colors of the interior of your home! You're going to want to get these gorgeous portraits printed out to hang on your wall, so make sure whatever you choose to wear will blend nicely with the design of your home!


When choosing a color palette try to stray away from stark white or neon colors. they do not photograph well and tend to cast funny looking shades onto yourself or other members of your family. 

Another thing you want to pay attention to when choosing a color palette, is the location in which your session will be held. You don't want to completely blend into the background but it does look nice, when your clothing coordinates with the scenery.

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If there is some sort of insecurity you have, try your best to find an outfit that compliments that part of you nicely. For example, if your arms are one of your not so favorite features, wear a long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve top or dress. If you are a male and tacos have won out over the gym more times than you can count, pairing a nice jacket with your shirt can be a good way to conceal that dad bod you have worked so hard to obtain!

You CANNOT over dress for a photo session. But you absolutely CAN underdress for one. Take this opportunity to get all dressed up! Do your hair, your makeup, whatever will make YOU feel like the best you that you can be, because confidence is KEY when getting your pictures taken. 

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